Apart from the regular school games, school encourages literary, scientific and environmental friendly activities, involvement of students is recommended to build up a positive outlook, team spirit and co-operation. For the reclusive ones other activities like extra - reading, creative writing, subject clubs etc. are provided and the teachers responsible are interacting and assessing the performance of students from time to time. School provides professional guidance in music, dance, dramatics Drawing and painting so that the stay in the school is "joyous and not tedious".


Today's children have been exposed to life pretty early, their days are reigned by television and their interests are varied and raging. In the school they hold "Mock Parliament" shows, arrange their own inter school programme / competitions / hold poetry reading sessions, organize quiz and writing and stage their own one act plays. A person devoid of computer education, in today's world may well be called " incomplete'1- the newness of technology with the involvement it requires, will automatically draw the children into its fold under computer club. Natural environment is a great gift bestowed by nature to the entire mankind. The environment not only nurtured the biosphere immensely but also cherished other responsibilities, solely to safeguard the identify of all biotic components etc. Students are encouraged under a club environment friend to study the dynamic of "Ecology" and inter - relationship between fauna, flora and geosphere as our very civilization is threatening the "

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