Other Important Rules


  • Students are not attend class or examination if they are sick or when they are recovering from illness.
  • Student suffering from mumps, measles or any other contagious disease must not come to school until they are completely cured.
  • A student failing in the same class for the consecutive years will not be allowed to continue his/her studs in the school.
  • A student's name may be stuck off the rolls if his tuition fee falls due for 2 consecutive months.
  • if a student remain absent , parents/guardian should make a note of it and duly sign in the column provided in the diary.
  • If a student remains absent for more then three consecutive days, a Doctor's certificate of fitness is to be provided on the day attends class.
  • if the conduct of a child seems to be detrimental to the discipline of the school, he/ she will be suspended from class or be given a transfer Certificate in graver situation.
  • if any parent / guardian requires T.C of his ward, one month's poor notice is to be given by the parents (before the end of the session).
  • T.C will not be issued to those students who leave in midterm unless the entire session fees are cleared.
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